AgroSolarSystems - An integrated Agro-Forestry-Energy approach to land use

With increasing population land will be a more and more precious resource. This fact and the South African development targets of growing the economy and economic empowerment of the population will increase the energy demands drastically. In fact South Africa is currently losing agricultural land by soil erosion processes, which must be countered. The project AgroSolarSystems should provide innovative solutions by integrating agroforestry land use systems with energy production to solve erosion problems and provide a combined production of energy and agricultural goods. With the proposed integrated AgroSolarSystems a novel concept is tested with real data from a pilot farm in the West Coast and implementation plans are created. 

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Shelterbelts will improve agricultural production by reducing wind speed in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

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Cooperation: University of Stellenbosch, Department of Forestry and Wood Science, DLC - Dr. Littmann Consulting

Funding: National Research Foundation South Africa 2014 - 2017

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